NMBFC Commitment
The National Missionary Baptist Fellowship of Churches will:

    1. Endeavor to carry the National body into the community.

    2. Address the needs of the local churches.

    3. Set aside 10% of our proceeds for investment, using the interest for future developments.

    4. Use our Regions for the best interest of the Fellowship of Churches and the growth and development of local churches in communities.

    5. Leave no Pastor/Preacher behind, but will be inclusive in our programming and participation.

    6. Use our resources to make this Nation a better place to live as we preach and teach the whole counsel of God.

    7. Follow the original King James Version of the Bible as our guide and sources for our actions.

    8. Promote the welfare and development of our Children and Youth in our Fellowship of Enrichment Ministries.

    9. Do Home and Foreign Mission work and plant churches in needed areas.\

NMBFC Mission Statement
In light of the need for continuous cooperation and fellowship between Missionary Baptist Churches, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, we will endeavor to carry out the mandate of our Christ.
Matt 28:19-20

We will at all times use the Bible, which we believe, is the authentic word of God.

All Baptist churches which are to be part of this fellowship shall endeavor to be witnesses that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Virgin Born, Crucified, died for the Sins of the world, resurrected and ascended to the Father and will return to receive all who believe in Him. 1 Thes. 4:13-18

All Baptist Churches who are a part of this organization shall be unified working together to evangelize the world, through preaching, praying and the teaching of God's Word, the Bible. Eph 4:12-14

All Baptist Churches who are a part of this fellowship shall be equally recognized abiding to Baptist Principles and Baptist Polity.

We shall endeavor to serve the whole person through love and acts of personal and complete efforts as it is embodied in our Church Covenant.

Why should I consider NMBFC?
Becoming a member of NMBFC opens doors to numerous benefits.

Being mindful of the fact that each church is a unique separate entity in God's plan. However, we are to give support, encourage and strengthen each other.

What will NMBFC do for the local church and pastor?
Participation in NMBFC is a sure tried method to gain strength by uniting with other like-minded churches providing a mechanism for engaging proven programs and practices. You are relieved of the burden of having to identify and develop programs from scratch. Being a part of the fellowship allows rapid implementation of tried ministries that will meet the needs of your sheep. Also, immediately you have access to a state wide, regional and national reservoir of seasoned, trained and experienced servants ready to share with you to insure your SUCCESS.

Finally, NMBFC is serious about economic development through the local church benefitting the local community where the members live. This commitment is evident by our actions. Twenty percent of NMBFC receipts goes into an interest-baring account strictly for economic development purposes. No community will be left behind

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